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Quality Committee serves as the body responsible for conducting all the affairs and strategic quality management in line with the UniMAP Strategic Plan. The Committee is also responsible for implementing the 5S, leading the Creative & Innovative Group (KIK) and to collect and record data according to the needs of KPI IMK, UniMAP and the Ministry of Education (MOE).


~ To disseminate the latest information on MS ISO 9001: 2015 from time to time to all the staff at the Faculty.

~ Develop and update documents or procedures Quality Management System (QMS).

~ Ensure all QMS documents or procedures implemented at the IMK.

~ Ensure all quality records are kept in a designated place at the IMK.

~ In cooperation with the Internal and External Auditors during the audit process conducted at the IMK.

~ Designing and setting initiative (project / program) for achieving the objectives of quality and continuous improvement of the QMS at the IMK.

~ To coordinate programs or activities related to the 5S Practice and KIK.

~ Identify potential or impending problems by referring the issues raised in the Management Review Meeting (MKSP).