Diploma Courses


DQT101/3 Mathematics I                  This course will introduce the fundamental principles and concepts in algebra and trigonometry. The topics that will be discussed in this course are trigonometric, complex numbers, matrices and vectors.
DQT102/3 Mathematics II The main topic disccussed in this course are elementary ideas on on limits; continuous and discrete functions, differentiation and integration of a function, chain rule, implicit differentiation, application of extreme values, determination of areas and volumes of revolution, integration by parts and also partial fractions. Students also learn elementary statistics and probability distributions including Binomial, Poisson and Normal.
DQT203/3 Mathematics III This course introduces the classification and methods of solving first order differential equations and second order linear differential equations. Among the first order differential equations discussed are separable equations, homogeneous equations, linear equations and exact equations. While for the second order linear differential equations, topics on homogeneous linear equations and non-homogeneous linear equations are discussed. Application to initial and boundary value problem are also included. students are also exposed to introduction to Laplace transform as an alternative to solve differential equations.