Potential Research Area

A wide- ranging expertise of IMK's researchers is one of the strengths of its postgraduate programmes. Areas in which our researchers are particularly active include:

Research Area


Pure Mathematics

Fuzzy mathematics, algebra and analysis.

Applied Mathematics

Theoretical biomechanics, numerical analysis, fluid mechanics, computer aided geometric design, state estimation and applications.

Engineering Mathematics

Signal and image processing, pattern recognition, artificial neural network, fuzzy logic.

Operational research

Mathematical modelling and fuzzy modelling for decision making problems, network graph theory, discrete event simulation, algorithm and optimization problems, multiple criterion decision making.


Directional statistics, outliers, medical and health statistics, psychometric, Bayesian inference, extreme value analysis, applied multivariate statistics, design of experiments.

Theoretical Physics

Nuclear many body problem, Bose-Einstein condensates, nuclear structure calculation, Hartree-Fock analysis and numerical methods.