From Head of Department


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

Salam Ilmu, Keikhlasan, Kecemerlangan UniMAP and Salam Sejahtera,

      Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah for giving me an opportunity to give a welcome speech on the IMK’s website, a new-look website operated by the team of IMK’s Promotion Committees. Congratulation on the efforts made in accordance to the latest development and changes at IMK.

      Current information that incorporate to the core values of IMK, namely teaching, research, and services are very important to be distributed. It is a step forward to enable the public to know the role and contribution played by IMK in increasing the level of excellence whether in national or international level. Use this website as a medium to display various activities conducted by IMK’s Committees and it should be maintained at all times so that the information is constantly updated.

     From 2012 until 2020, IMK has achieved many successes both at the national and international levels. These include the successful of academic and non-academic staff in various activities as well as the support from over 76 postgraduate students. This success has improved the image and likeness of IMK as one of the leading institute in Malaysia. Congratulations to all.

      Finally, I appeal to all IMK’s committees to canalize various information related to the activities carried out to the webmaster and wish all webmasters are constantly updating the information obtained so that the IMK’s website will be more interactive and informative.


Thank you.

ASSOC. PROF. TS. DR. AHMAD KADRI JUNOH Head of Department Institute of Engineering Mathematics Faculty of Applied and Human Sciences Universiti Malaysia Perlis