Academic Programs

To plan master's and PhD academic programs offered in Mathematics, engineering simulation and related fields.

Centre for Enhancement of Knowledge

To become the centre for enhancement and construction of knowledge in mathematics and engineering simulations focuses on the development and usage of the latest mathematical approaches in current and future technologies.

Reference Centre

To become a reference centre and provides expertise in mathematical research methods, simulations, statistical methods and statistical software.

Research Expansion and Promotion

To expand and promote research and development's (R&D) activities especially in mathematics and engineering simulations, including related fields such as statistics, operation research (OR), operation management (OM) and computer aided geometric design (CAGD). 


To promote scientific discourse especially in mathematics and engineering simulations that can generate new knowledge or discoveries that are useful to the community and nation through teaching and research.

Training Programs

To conduct training programs for surrounding community in and out of UniMAP in related fields to mathematical and engineering simulations.